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Keilir ÍAK
Personal training

Gerrit Rietveld Academy
Fine arts major

Fjölbraut í Reykjavík
Fine arts major
& Fashion minor

- Digital marketing expert at Íslenska ad agency, since may 2018.
- Digital marketing, graphic design and project management at Tvist, 2017 - 2018.
- Digital marketing and social media mastermind at Hugsmiðjan, 2016 - 2017.
- Illustrator at Quizup, 2015 - 2016.
- Photoeditor at QuizUp, 2014 - 2015.

Other projects
- DJ since 2012.
- Vegan blogger @ Reykjavegan.
- Member of Girls Rock! PR team since 2018.
- Crossfit L1 coach since 2018.
- Teaching Girls Rock! DJ camps for teens since 2015.
- A memeber of the team behind the Reykjavik SlutWalk/Druslugangan, 2013-16.
- Host of feminist radio show Barmageddon in 2013.
- Currently working on making another human, expected arrival in january 2019.

More about me
- A lifelong mega music nerd, that accidentally became a DJ.
- No less of a movie nerd... A nerd of many mediums.
- I love olympic weightlifting and Crossfit.
- I have two cats, Salem & Þoka.
- I like plants, both as home decor and as a main foodsource.
- I often have merch and art for sale, hit me up on sunnaben[@]gmail[dot]com for more info!

Contact info
Email: sunnaben[@]gmail[dot]com
Arty Facebook site